AJ MediaTech (Pty) Ltd is a cutting-edge IT company that specializes in developing innovative technology solutions for businesses of all sizes in the township and developing market. With a team of experienced Software Engineers, designers, and developers; AJ MediaTech is committed to delivering top-of-the-line products and services to its clients. We offer a range of technology solutions, including custom software development, mobile app development, website design and development, cloud computing services, artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions, hosting services, and IT consulting services. The company utilizes a combination of local and international strategies that focus on providing solutions for all business models.

The company’s founders hold Degrees in Information Technology, a National Certificate in Information Technology Systems, and Oracle Certified Associate (OCA) Java SE 7 programmer, with a combined three decades of experience in the IT industry and a combined 12 years in the Software Development space in the Banking Sector.

AJ MediaTech (Pty) Ltd is situated in the heart of the creative and business hub of the Johannesburg metropolis. The uniqueness of the business is that it provides a high-quality product to each client regardless of organization size. The company’s goal is to ensure that every client is afforded authentic and high quality service. This is also reflected by the organization’s diverse portfolio, which also provides PR, Communications and Online Solutions for different business models.

The organization’s mission is to establish itself as one of the leading IT companies locally and internationally. In following the organization’s mission, the founder envisaged the business not only growing in size but also in reputation. The aim is to fulfill the vision of becoming a high-end IT company. Time, passion and experience are our greatest teachers and in understanding the role of these three factors AJ MediaTech (Pty) Ltd is here to innovate your business.